Untitled # 2-6

Untitled # 2-6, studio view, Lisbon, 2022 |
Untitled #6, 313 cm x 194 cm;
Acrylic resin relief, textile, tape, plastic leftovers.

we us them

we us them, Salto, Lisbon, 2022 | Multi media installation:
“Untitled #1”, acrylic resin relief, textile, plastic leftovers, 152 x 195 cm;
“Wally”, 2014, video, in loop; “Rising reversed”, installation/sculpture, 320 x 260 cm, vinyl plastic, wood, iron, water; two reclined fire proof (pink) plaster board, aluminum;”Untitled”, color photo, 70 x 100 cm, framed in aluminum, printed in Hahnemule cotton rag fine art paper

29-30-31 ottobre

29-30-31 ottobre, There Is No Place Like Home/Rome, Rome, 2021 | Environmental installation, mirror, glass, aluminum, microphone, microphone stand, sound boxes, mixer

A Portrait (of a building)

A Portrait (of a building), Hangar, Lisbon, 2021 | Site specific video installation, photos printed on acetate, overhead projector

Only sometimes, only by chance

Only sometimes, only by chance, Motiêrs 2021 -Art en plein air, Motiêrs (Neuchâtel), 2021 | Concrete walls, doors, door hinges


Undercut, Motiêrs 2021 -Art en plein air, Motiêrs (Neuchâtel), 2021 | Galvanized iron grids, coins

Untitled white

Untitled white, Locher factory, Zurich, 2020 | Dropped ceiling panels, 5,2 m x 5,2 m

Empty spaces between ladders

Paperwork, Locher factory, Zurich, 2020 | Doors, door hinges


Was nützt – in Gedanken 2, Locher-Areal, Zurich, 2020 | Textile, acrylic paint, steel

Rising reversed

Private atelier, 2019 | Vinyl plastic, wood, iron, water

Rising reversed (Garage Nord)

Helmhaus, installation view, Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich, 2019 | Environmental multi-part installation, insulation panels, aluminum profiles, iron, tape


Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, 2018 | Plaster, gauze, paraloid, anchoring system

L’enigma di una giornata

Installation view, exhibition Dall’altra parte, Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf, 2016 | Concrete bricks, plaster (sculpture‘s model/Richard Kissling)

Euro Minute Dollar

Exhibition view, Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona 2015 | Plasterboard, iron

The Poet’s Garden

Installation view, BALTSprojects, Zurich, 2015 | Plaster, paper, copy machines, shredders


Portrait of Jennie, exhibition view, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, 2015 | Video

Milko, an hommage to the square

Portrait of Jennie, exhibition view, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, 2015 | Video

Senza Titolo

Portrait of Jennie, exhibition view, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, 2015 | Video


Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, 2014 | Installation view


Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, 2014 | Installation, plasterboard panels, aluminium | Video

Easy back

Installation view, exhibition Julia, Zurich Manegg, Zurich, 2019 | Video


Gasträume, Public Art in Zurich, Duttweiler-Areal, Zurich, 2014 | multi-part installation, steel elements, wire mesh fence

Senza Titolo

Swiss Art Awards, Basel, 2013 | Glass, concrete bricks, aluminum chair, aluminum profile, printed page of a book

Sebastian halfway down

Galerie Mario Iannelli, Berlin, 2011 | Silver anodized aluminum pipes, marbles, textile, paper

Perpetuum mobile

2007-2014 | Video


2003-2011 | Dia-projection, color and b/w

Quando le linee iniziano a cadere, io mi oriento

The destroyed room, De Zwijssenhal, Tilburg, 2010 | Silver anodized aluminium pipes


RSTR#, Munich, 2010 | Site-specific installation, doors, connections and various materials

C.A. Tense

2010 | Tattooed black ink sign


Ente Comunale di Consumo, CIAC, Genazzano, 2010 | Frames, electrical motor

So Far So West

Standard/deluxe, Lausanne, 2009 | Installation view

North South Ovest East

Private apartment, Berlin, 2007 | Site-specific installation, Gasbeton


Spazi Incorretti, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, 2007 | Multi-part installation, Gasbeton, cardboard, lights, aluminum, plexiglass, beamers


Spazi Incorretti, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, 2007 | Installation view, video


16 analog color photographs, Vienna, 2005 | 215 cm x 300 cm, on aluminum and plexiglass structure


16 analog color photographs, Rome, 2005 | 215 cm x 300 cm, on aluminum and plexiglass structure

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