we us them

Multi media installation: "Untitled #1", acrylic resin relief, textile, plastic leftovers, 152 x 195 cm; "Wally", 2014, video, in loop; "Rising reversed", installation/sculpture, 320 x 260 cm, vinyl plastic, wood, iron, water; two reclined fire proof (pink) plaster board, aluminum;"Untitled", color photo, 70 x 100 cm, framed in aluminum, printed in Hahnemule cotton rag fine art paper.

we us them, Salto, Lisbon, 2022

The exhibition we us them brings in dialogue works and materials of different origins and years of production within the space.
Connected through the idea of constant change, both as matter and as image, the different works try to highlight the possibility of recreating new images by subverting and disrupting the coordinates of a preexistent reality. Two reclined walls and the work Rising reversed challenge the architecture by creating new vectoral forces within the space. The idea of body gets resonated both by the colors of the works and materials as by the athlete Wally, who tries to be parallel to the floor in the effort to fight gravity. Reversed inside-out main chains grocery bags get deconstructed, disassembled and reassembled creating the base for an acrylic resin mold and wall relief. The photo Untitled (a public intervention made in Zurich in 2014) underlines the need to shift between individual and collective, projecting and opening the exhibition outside of its protected environment into the public one. Through its shiny material, enclosed pre-existing traces on the asphalt and constantly changing shadows, the borders are constantly redesigned by the sun light creating  an infinite osmosis between inside and outside of the fences.


we us them, Salto, Lisbon, 2022

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