Empty spaces between ladders

Doors, door hinges

Paperwork, Locher factory, Zurich, 2020

The work Empty spaces between ladders is an intervention within a former factory building in Zurich, before being demolished and transformed into a new residential site. Three doors taken from an upper office are displayed within the exhibition space. The aluminium ladder used while mounting the work defines the distance between one door and the other. It becomes a measuring tool: lined to the first fixed door, it gives the distance for the next door and so on. The space is determined by standard measurements, as both functional objects are sized within them. While the ladder disappears materially from the work, the doors are parallel and blocked to the ground. From the front, three white vertical lines are seen in their serial appearance, determined by the missing object. The work addresses to defined systems of regulations which finally coordinate our movement in space, within an object-defined reality. The ladder, present in the work as a missing object, projects the architecture beyond its visual frame.


Paperwork, Zurich, 2020

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