Bio: Marco Fedele di Catrano

Marco Fedele di Catrano is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose different creative practices converge in the aim to bridge the gulf between art and society.

His work in the fields of installation, photography, sculpture and video is characterized by an intuitive handling of materials, objects and spaces. In many cases, he processes found, elementary materials which get reconfigured in a synthetic and metaphorical form. His aim is to bind a minimal form with subjects of existential and social-political relevance. His site-specific interventions, mostly temporary, are made in dialogue with an existing architecture, both indoor as in urban spaces.

His works have been exhibited, among others, in Helmhaus (Zurich), in Joan Miro’ Foundation (Barcelona), CII Fabrika (Moscow), Ekaterina Cultural Foundation (Moskow), Haus fur Kunst Uri (Altforf), La Rada (Locarno), Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich), Museo Maga (Gallarate), Museum Mestna Galerija (Lubiana), Ram radioartemobile (Rome), Kunstmuseum Thun (Thun), American Academy in Rome (Rome) and Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow). He has participated to the parallel program of the 7th Moscow Biennale, to the 54 Venice Biennale, within “Extroversion”, a project by Franz West, as well as in “Epicentro” – a project for Venice Biennale of Architecture, in 2010.

His video works were shown among others in Schusev State Museum of Architecture (Moscow), Addis Video Art Festival, Museum of Modern Art (Addis-Ababa), 35th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, (Uppsala) and Optica Video Festival, (Gijon).

His work has appeared among others in ArtForum, Flash Art, Kunst Bulletin, Arte e Critica, Tate Magazin, Archis, Le Courrier, Züritipp, Il Corriere della Sera.

He has been awarded grants, among others, from Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, the canton of Zurich, Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, Terna spa and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

With his installative work he won in 2013 the Swiss Federal Price for Visual Art “Swiss Art Awards”.

Marco Fedele di Catrano was born in Rome in 1976. He currently lives and works in Lisbon. He earned his MFA from the Zhdk (Zurich School of Art).

Selected collective Exhibitions

  • There Is No Place Like Home/Rome, (2021, Rome)
  • Môtiers 2021- Art en plein air, Môtiers, (2021, Neuchâtel) 
  • Paperwork, Manegg, (2020, Zurich)
  • Was nützt – in Gedanken 2, Locher-Areal, (2020, Zurich)
  • Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich (2019, Helmhaus, Zurich)
  • No Man’s Library (2018, Old Library of the University of Sassari, Sassari),
  • In-Giro (2016, Mercato Antico del Centro Storico, Alghero),
  • Franz West Artistclub (2016, 21er Haus,Vienna),
  • Zeitgeist – Silenzio Per Favore. 10 Video Attraverso L’abbruzzo (2016, Accademia Albertina, Turin),
  • Acentered: Reterritorised Network Of European And Chinese Moving Image (2016, Art Basel, Hong Kong),
  • Addis Video Art Festival (2016, Museum Of Modern Art And Guramayle Art Center, Addis-Ababa),
  • Prophetia (2015, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona),
  • Dall’Altra Parte (2015, Haus Für Kunst Uri),
  • Heritage 4 (2015, Kunstmuseum Thun),
  • Voglio vedere le mie montagne (2015, Museo Maga, I-Gallarate),
  • Ohne Titel (2014, Installation für Gasträume, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Stadt Zürich, Zurich),
  • Swiss Art Awards (2013, Art Basel),
  • John Cage’s Experiments in Context (2012, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow),
  • Extroversion – a project by Franz West (2011, 54. Venice Biennale),
  • Landscape on the Move (2010, Museum Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana),
  • Epicentro – a project for Venice Biennale of Architecture (2010, Spazio Thesis, Arsenale, Venice),
  • Beware of the Wolf (2008, American Academy in Rome, Rome).

Texts and Publications

RAM radioartemobile, Di Paolo Edizioni, Pescara

  • “Môtiers 2021 -Art en plein air”, exhibition catalogue,  Neuchâtel, 2021
  • Was nützt – in Gedanken 2, Kunstbulletin, 7/2021

No Man’s Library / La Bibilioteca di Tutti, exhibition’s catalogue, by Zerynthia, Di Paolo Edizioni, Pescara

  • Portrait of Jennie, artist’s book by Marco Fedele di Catrano with Vitaly Patsyukov, Nero, Rome
  • Tous Égales: les femmes luttent pour leur droits, insurrections, Le Courrier (hors-série N.3), Pag.69, December
  • Occupare lo spazio, editorial project by Lorenzo Madaro, Editrice Salentina, Lecce
  • n-Giro, Sentieri Contemporanei, exhibition’s catalogue, Di Paolo Edizioni, Pescara
  • Art & Crisis, Mfa Degree Show, Zhdk, Zurich, Jrp Ringier, Zurich

L’artista Marco Fedele di Catrano celebra in Svizzera il nuovo tunnel ferroviario del Gottardo: ecco le immagini della sua opera, Artribune, 22 August

  • Ansichten Weltbildmaschine im Installationsformat, by Stefan Wagner, Kunstbulletin 9/2015
  • Prophetia, by Imma Prieto (Ed.), Fundacio’ Joan Miro’, Barcelona
  • Vademecum, Voglio vedere le mie montagne, by Noah Stolz, Museo Ma*Ga, Gallarate
  • Italiani in trasferta. Marco Fedele di Catrano a Mosca con Portrait of Jennie. Assenze, tensioni, sospensioni, scivolando dalla letteratura al video, by Helga Marsala, Artribune, 7 February
  • Portrait of Jennie, by Olga Mamaeva, Colta, 16 January
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano – Terna 03, by Elena Giulia Rossi, Arshake, 13 January
  • Kurs auf Abbruch, by Anna Francke, issue 18, Züritipp
  • The composer’s time: origin, latitude and space, exhibition’s catalogue, Scriabin Museum, Ncca, Moscow
  • Gasträume, Kunst auf öffentlichen Plätzen Zürichs, AG KiöR/Stadt Zürich

John Cage, Silent Presence, exhibition’s catalogue, National Centre For Contemporary Arts (Ncca), Moskow

  • Marco Fedele di Catrano e le linee che cadono, by Daniela Bigi, ArteeCritica, issue 71
  • QUADRATONOMADE, exhibition’s catalogue, Gangemi editore
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano, Unbearable dissertation on a broken line, exhibition’s catalogue, text by Lorenzo Benedetti, Federica Martini, Antonia Alampi, Eva Scharrer, Barbara Buchmaier, Gallery Mario Iannelli, Rome, Cura
  • Sguardi sul futuro, by Manuela Alessandra Filippi, Arte, issue 450, February
  • Compagni di viaggio, Landscapes on the move, exhibition‘s catalogue, Museum Mestna Galerija, Lubiana, Dipaoloedizioni
  • Arte ad alta tensione, L’europeo, issue 12
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano, accadimenti effimeri, by Patrizia Ferri, Flash Art, issue 285, July
  • CONCERNING SPACE, by Daniela Bigi, exhibition’s catalogue, Edizioni Sinopia
  • C’era una volta un futuro, by Sabrina Vedovotto, ArteeCritica, Issue 63, June/August
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano, by Eva Scharrer, Artforum Online, 2/12/2009
  • A(s)tratti confini, by Leonardo Angelini, Eidos, issue 16, November/February
  • Marco Fedele ou les territoires indentitaires en question, by Isabelle Vuong, Week-End, 24 Heures Weekly Supplement, Issue 486
  • Expo et perfo sonore à Lausanne. Le murmure des murs, Le Courrier, issue 29

La CASA OLTRE, exhibition’s catalogue, Danae Centro arte contemporanea

  • Mostre e libri, Il Fotografo, November
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano, by Daniela Bigi, ArteeCritica, issue 52
  • Hyppodrome, by Angelo Capasso, Drome n.10
  • Gemine Muse, la creatività emergente, By Maria Egizia Fiaschetti, Corriere della Sera, issue 93, 19 April
  • Marco Fedele di Catrano, Perpetuum Mobile, by Chiara Li Volti,, 9 October
  • Apt. 1 – Marco Fedele di Catrano, by Ilari Valbonesi, ArteeCritica, issue 48
  • Wazzup , Monat der Fotografie, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna

Sonicity, exhibition’s catalogue, Gangemi editore

Marco Fedele di Catrano, ed. Volume, Roma

Selected solo Exhibitions

  • Der Tagesbogen (2017, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich),
  • Portrait of Jennie – Video on display (2017, Villa Bernasconi. Centre D’Art, Geneva),
  • Related Acts In Unrelated Events (2016, O.T. Raum Für Aktuelle Kunst, Lucerne),
  • The Poet’s Garden (2015, BALTSprojects, Zurich),
  • Portrait of Jennie (2015, CCI Fabrika, Moscow),
  • Between here and now (2014, la rada, Locarno),
  • Shift (2014, Walchetrum, Zürich),
  • Unbearable Disseration on a Broken Line (2011, Galerie Mario Iannelli, Berlin),
  • Side-Back-Walk (2010, RSTR#, München),
  • So Far So West (2009, Standard-Deluxe, Lausanne),
  • Perpetuum Mobile (2007, Gallery Nextdoor, Rome)

Prizes and Contributions


  • Swiss Art Awards 2013, Swiss federal prize for isual art, Basel, 2013
  • Premio Terna 03, third prize Gigawatt, 2010
  • Premio Movin’ Up, special project, standard-deluxe, Lausanne, 2009
  • Premio Pagine Bianche d’autore, cover for Rome and Lazio telephone book, 2009


  • 2017 Bak, Bundesamt Für Kultur, 2017
  • 2017 Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Foundation
  • 20152017 Georges und Jenny Bloch Foundation
  • 2014 Kanton Zurich–Department of Culture: project contribution autumn 2014
  • 2013 – 2017 Pro Helvetia, Swiss Made In Russia, contemporary cultural exchanges

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