29-30-31 ottobre

Environmental installation, mirror, glass, aluminum, microphone, microphone stand, sound boxes, mixer

There Is No Place Like Home/Rome, Rome, 2021

The dates and duration of the exhibition give the title to the work and highlight its ephemeral aspect.
The microphone, working as a recording device during the 72 hours of the exhibition duration, and the glass are elements that add to and extend the existing one in the former gym. While amplifying the spatial projection between the inside and outside of the exhibition space, they create a dialogue with its immediate surrounding. The building is located in axis with the adjacent road, the nearby Roman aqueduct and next to a rail track. The work aligns to the three parallels suggesting a direction of motion from the aqueduct to the road, to the layout of the architecture and outside towards the rail tracks.
A mirror and its oxidations, visually similar to sound traces, are the short circuit that gives rise to the intervention. The two glasses on the sides of the mirror complete a triptych and the mirror becomes a part of the abstract image. In correspondence with it, projected towards the railway through two sound boxes positioned outdoor, the microphone and its stand extend the work acoustically and spatially, eliminating a separation between inside and outside and between the floor and the ceiling. 


There Is No Place Like Home/Rome , Rome, 2021

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