Galvanized iron grids, coins

Motiêrs 2021 -Art en plein air, Motiêrs (Neuchâtel), 2021

Undercut is a public intervention in a public garden in the village of Motiêrs, during an open-air exhibition. Two chaises-lounges and a platform made out of galvanized metal grids overlook the open fields. The work suggests the lack of physical relation between people in the time of Covid as well as it refers to improvised sleeping alternatives found by homeless people more often in urban environments. An exchange is reflected in the material and the chemical relationship, as poor and noble metals are brought into dialogue. Between the lines of the metal grids coins find their place, in assonance or dissonance, on the metallic plane.


Motiêrs 2021 -Art en plein air, Motiêrs (Neuchâtel), 2021

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