Quando le linee iniziano a cadere,
io mi oriento

Silver anodized aluminium pipes, 6,50 m x 4,30 m

The destroyed room, De Zwijssenhal, Tilburg, 2010

Quando le line iniziano a cadere, io mi oriento (When the lines start to fall, I get oriented)  is a sculpture made out of a found object – a publicity banner – which had been bent and shaped by the action of a strong wind. Separated from the image, the structure is reduced to its essence. The skeleton of a publicity banner, due to its role, carries the DNA of all images that passed through it. As an object it represents the image without the need of its physical presence. It reduces and condensates its significance. In a concertation of lines that resists the gravitational forces that project them to the floor, the sculpture lifts up and holds its distance to the floor by pointing out of its fragile equilibrium.

Placed within the exhibition space, an older industrial building, in a wide and long hall – the sculpture is aligned towards the deep angle of the “nave” (as it looked similar to a central nave of a church). The sight of the artwork focuses towards an infinite plane beyond architecture in the search of new orientation, as the title suggests.


The destroyed room, De Zwijssenhal, Tilburg, 2010

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