2010, site-specific installation, doors, connections and various materials

RSTR#, Munich, 2010

Side-Back-Walk is a site-specific intervention done within the artist project space RSTR#, in Munich: a previous one-room store with a front vitrine towards the street.

By re-opening an old passage previously existing on a higher ground level, through the backwall of the exhibition space into the staircase of the building, the work appropriates the architectural paradox of a door-opening with missing stairs as a base concept. A walk-through, hanging pavement-sculpture made up of assembled cut-outs of doors becomes the only possible access to the exhibition-space, while the door of the gallery stays closed.

The title Side-Back-Walk stays therefore as an indication for a visitor in order to be able to enter the show passing through the private hall of the building. Trough the act of walking the viewer blurs the border between public and private. He enters a private space in order to be able to access the public exhibition space. The inhabitants of the building become therefore almost the only ones legitimate to visit the show.


Side-Back-Walk, RSTR#, Munich, 2010

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