Dia-projection, color and b/w, 2003-2011

Corviale is a photographic work consisting of particular views of the gigantic building erected across Rome’s via Portuense, as well as of other social housing buildings built in the outskirts of Rome. A slide projection of images, sometimes superimposed, and mixed with technical details of the buildings, becomes my personal journey in the architecture.

Corviale was planned by the architect Mario Fiorentino in 1972. The residential part was ended in 1984. Since the beginning the 1-kilometer long building was associated to a failed attempt. The unrealized utopia was aiming to create a self-sufficient complex, autonomous from the center of Rome, where social spaces were equally and widely distributed between its inhabitants and the architecture. The positive drive to create an alternative to the disastrous suburbs housing projects of the 60’s turned to be wrong as well.


Heritage 4: (Un)Tied to a particular land location, Kunstmuseum Thun, Thun 

Unbearable Dissertation On A Broken Line, Galerie Mario Iannelli, Berlin, 2011

Sonicity, Magazzini Generali, Rome, 2003

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