North South Ovest East

Site-specific installation, Gasbeton, variable dimension, video-installation Corner (2006)

Private apartment, Berlin, 2007

North South Ovest East is a space-overlapping of two architectural layers –my studio/apartment in Rome re-enacted inside a private apartment in Berlin: the cardinal points strongly determine the direction, as the title of the work suggests. The two architectural plans – Rome and Berlin – are over-posed according to their north-south-west-east orientations and the planimetry of Rome gets integrated into the new space. The wall is a mobile skeleton able to adapt itself to the guesting context.

The grey of the building material -Gasbeton- gives to the work a medium grey desaturated colour, which identifies the new 2 meters tall walls. New walking ways are necessarily determined within the space; so is our body which moves in between new diagonals previously not existent.

The replacement of an architecture in respect to the spatial directrix could also change the position of the subject beyond the border. The work addresses to the consequences that abstract borders have on our existence and become physical. It may turn it to a labyrinthic playground where kids like to express their playful freedom in moving, or an extreme limitation on our lives. The work shows both possible sides and poles.

The emptying determines the absence of the object. Objectified are now our bodies and movements, while no visual distraction interferes. The space is therefore reduced to its minimal sculptural existence. The video-installation Corner (2006) appears as mimetic as the wall: the silent projection of a nest resting at the high angle of an empty room captures the action of a bird on its arrival. Only to disappear immediately afterwards, foretelling its presence in space.


Private apartment, Berlin, 2007

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