Multi-part installation, Gasbeton, cardboard, lights, aluminum, plexiglass, beamers

Installation view, exhibition Spazi Incorretti, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome,2007

Installation view, exhibition Spazi Incorretti, private apartment

Video-installation Omar, 2007, video, 3’ 55’’, color, mute

The experiment starts from the household – a barricade made of cardboards screens a window, blocking every visual exchange with the outside. But in the gap a fictitious light intervenes, refracted against an aluminium panel, and produces a sun outward, whereas inside the instinct of a glare.

The same process is re-enacted inside the exhibition space through a new barricade – a wall made of Gasbeton which functions twice as a perimeter interruption and a further obstacle to the vision. Meanwhile, the light, perceived beyond the structure, asserts its status of in-visibility beyond the curtain of the visible.

Within and over, Omar – fluorescent four-footed in the dark of the forest and of the video – is the construction of an obstinately bright world, but without any possible borders.


Spazi Incorretti, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, 2007

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