So Far So West

Installation view, standard/deluxe, Lausanne, 2009

So Far So West, wall in Gasbeton, video projection (Perpetuum mobile, 2007, DVD, colour e b/w, mute, 2’ 32’’, loop)

Gülsün, B/W analogic print on baryta photographic paper, 1 x 1 m

Exchange, 2009, 12 b/w photographs, digital print, 241 cm x 241 cm

The idea of movement characterizes the whole exhibition. It starts from the title So Far So West by addressing a geographical uncertain leaning towards west. In explicitly using the three first words of the way of saying so far so good, it maps symbolically through the works a fragile Western credo. Different works are shown within the installation, unified all by an idea of physical border overall present:

So Far So West: an 18 meters long wall crosses and re-shapes the space. His plan issues from the comparison between my apartment plant in Rome and that one of Lausanne’s art center. Overlapped and placed in line with the compass orientation of the two architectures, the two plans generate a sort of third space, which is designed by the encounter between the private dimension and the public one.

Exchange: a European flag showing a previous direct intervention on the wall of the American Academy in Rome. The 12 stars are lifted from the plaster and removed, leaving a negative space into the wall. The work reproduces photographically that space for each star.

Perpetuum mobile: a projected moving basketball confined by real walls, losing its color and regaining it while moving.

Gülsün: a portrait of the Turkish artist Gülsün Karamustafa, shows her in the action of shouting nails and not words. Her movement has been limited and her passport confiscated because of her activism.


So Far So West, standard/deluxe, Lausanne, 2009

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