Euro Minute Dollar

Plasterboard, iron, 365 cm

Exhibition view, J. Miro Foundation, 2015 / Galerie M. Iannelli, 2011

Euro Minute Dollar is a site-specific sculpture based on values borrowed from economical trading. It is based on transcribing graphs of the foreign exchange market (Forex) into a definite space.

In occasion of the exhibition Prophetia, within the spaces of the Joan Miró Foundation, four graphs, referring to the currencies exchange in 20 minutes between Euro-Dollar (EUR/USD), Euro-Swiss Franc (EUR/CHF), Euro-Yuan (EUR/CNY) and Euro-Ruble (EUR/RUB) are taken as a master for direct intervention. Plasterboard walls cut and engraved in an industrial site in Barcelona, by following the lines of the graphs up to determine their almost complete destruction, are transported into the Foundation. The fragments of those walls piled and overlapped one another generate the column.

Forex is by far the biggest market of the world in terms of values of transactions. It includes exchanges between banks, speculators, corporations, governments, and other financial markets and institutions. Most of the time those extreme speculations determine collapses that affect the material existence of people in unprecedent ways. Still, they move as invisible forces. Those crises are more and more present within our recent history, as regulations are not always set or followed. On the one hand, the work develops within a critical vision towards those irresponsible behaviors, on the other, it wants to overturn those energies and use them instead to open the space more and more. The aim of Euro Minute Dollar is to propose a possibility of continuous regeneration, change and openness by the understanding of a fluid and constantly changeable architecture.

The sculpture is the result of a precise directive. Not depending on aesthetics and formal premises, but instead applying a function into space in order to deconstruct it, the intervention materializes a direct relation between economy and architecture.


Prophetia, Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona, 2015

Unbearable dissertation on a broken line, Galerie Mario Iannelli, Berlin, 2011

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