Euro Minute Dollar

Installation view, plaster boards, metal, 360 cm

Exhibition view, J. Miro Foundation, 2015 / Galerie M. Iannelli, 2011

Euro Minute Dollar is a site-specific sculpture connected to a transfer of values borrowed by economy trading. It is based on transcribing graphs of the foreign exchange market (Forex) into a definite space.

In a close relationship between architecture and economy, between structures of power and their symbolic and imaginative manifestation, Euro Minute Dollar becomes the portrait of the limit of this relationship. The graph displays like a seismograph all the market’s fluctuations in a particular segment of time. The trends of the euro / dollar exchange rate during the year 2010 are taken as a reference for a direct intervention on the wall of the gallery space.

The plasterboard of the wall is cut and engraved following the lines of the graphs up to determine the almost complete destruction. Fragments of the wall overlapping one another generate the column.

On one hand the work develops within a critical vision towards the unreasonable and disproportionate building speculation, on the other it wants to propose a possibility of continuous regeneration, change and openness. The sculpture develops within an osmotic relationship with the space/wall, as a manifestation of an uncertain and fluid architecture.

It materializes and gives a form to effects of financial speculations, which most commonly stays invisible, while affecting the material existence of a society.  

Exhibitions: Exhibition view, J. Miro Foundation, 2015 / Galerie M. Iannelli,, 2011

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