Textile, acrylic paint, steal

Was nützt - in Gedanken 2, Locher-Areal, Zurich, 2020

The work Unfolded is the result of an intervention within a former construction factory in Manegg, a district of Zurich in which industrial buildings – on their way to be demolished – make room for new apartments’ complexes. 110 disassembled filters mounted on the ceiling of a silo, a previously functioning industrial heating system machine, become part of the work. Assembled and stitched together the filters are folded in a spiral shape. Used as canvas, partially painted with red and blue acrylic paint, they open the ceiling of the silo. An upper technical room becomes visible through 110 circles. While the painted long-line linear surface gets pressured and rolled in, a new opening is created within the architecture. Two opposite movements work simultaneously to transform and open up the space, while giving it a new functionality. The upper technical room becomes a stage for two musicians -Sasha Greuter and Michael ‹Koko› Eberli. A heating pipe following the verticality of the building outside, becomes the master for a new composition. Once working at a full rhythm during the active period of the factory, the whole machine stays now still and useless. The intervention reactivates the energetical moment by opening up the limited space of the industrial silo and transforming it into a music chamber.


Was nützt – in Gedanken 2, Locher-Areal, Zurich, 2020

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