Garage Nord (Rising reversed)

2019, Environmental multi-part installation, insulation panels, aluminum profiles, iron, tape, 270 cm x 380 cm x 250 cm

Helmhaus, installation view, Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich, 2019

In Garage Nord (Rising reversed) insulation elements, used normally in construction, re-create part of the room of my atelier/garage on a scale of 1:1. The space belongs to a house that will soon be demolished. Once covered the internal walls, the volume is transferred to the museum Helmhaus, in Zurich. Time and space, as well as exposure to direct light changes the work progressively each time the work is re-mounted in a new space: new voluntary or involuntary changes are happening. Usually these mats are invisible: they disappear within the walls behind the plaster in order to isolate from the cold; here they are placed again in the limelight. Those insulation materials represent an energy container (body and room heat) and a membrane in which thoughts, signs and traces are inscribed. Thus, standard building elements undergo a personal transformation in which individual modules are merged into a new image. By releasing the elements from the wall of the studio and by bringing them into the public, the intervention shifts from intimacy to collective.


Helmhaus, Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich, 2019

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