Milko, an hommage to the square

2015, video, 11’04”, color,

In Milko, an hommage to the square, shot near Termini Central Station in Rome, the barber Milko, right on the road and always in the same spot, cuts the hair of those in need for over a decade. In an exchange of complicity with his customers Milko inevitably becomes a secular confessor, always evincing a sense of beauty and dignity. Defined by his clear function, an invisible architecture marks a self-defined space in the public domain. By entering it each customer accepts a set of behavioral laws, not valid a few meters away.

The swept-up hair goes on to form an ideal square, an hommage to the square and its inhabitants, a reduction of the form to its most ephemeral state.


Portrait of Jennie – Video On Display, Villa Bernasconi.Centre D’art, Grand-Lancy, Geneva, 2017

Portrait of Jennie, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, 2015

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