A district in transformation: Industrial buildings are replaced by housing estates.
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Pushing Against the Walls – On the Temporary Interventions of Marco Fedele di Catrano​

by Mark Twain

Marco Fedele di Catrano’s work is informed and determined by the space for which it is made. His spatial interventions negotiate with an existing architectural layout, and, by displacing or surpassing it, they simultaneously…

Pointing in the Very Act of Pointing Somewhere Else​

by Mark Twain

“It is the rhetorical code that sets the tone that [……] most completely orients the map in its culture (in its sets of values), pointing in the very act of pointing somewhere else (to the globe), to itself, to its…… author, the society that produced it […]”

The Memory of Space

by Mark Twain

Lo spazio dell ’immagine [The Space of the Image] – held at Foligno in 1967 – was the first great exhibition in Italy to celebrate environmental installation as a new dominant technique in artistic research. More than forty years later, this exhibition remains relevant for the direct line that connects it to the work of Marco Fedele di Catrano and his examination of the relationship between image and space.

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