I dreamed your end. Towards another abstraction

I dreamed your end. Towards another abstraction, Bruck an der Leitha, 2005

For the installation Raum fuer ein Klavier the artist, inspired by and in collaboration with the Sicilian composer Nelly Li Piuma, puts on stage the original impression of human drama, which “forms” and takes form following a compositive rule of finitude.

First act: a hall in  WUK, in Vienna, where a piano and the artwork, in the shape of a wardrobe, assembled and variously pierced by a drill as if it would suggest the image of a barricade or a breaking wall, confront each other, “attracted” and displaced in the same space. A silent concert to investigate the entr’acte between matter and form. Then, the scene is amplified by the concert of the Neapolitan pianist Maria Pagliafora.

December 18th, 2005. Second act. One year later. “I dreamed the work catched on fire and I translated the first sentence when half asleep: I dreamed your end. Towards an other abstraction. The fire would have created a red line in the landscape outside Vienna”. So the artwork/wardrobe was carried in the suburbs, in an industrial landscape, near a building materials retailer who had given the permission. For a second displacement of the event. And it was burnt by the artist, as a rite of expropriation and separation, documented by a video: “Waterloo. Towards another abstraction”.

A fire instance, that carries on the research of context’s finitude. Matter’s space which breathes in interstices, in holes. Which burns from inside throwing out the remembrance image. An imagined line which gives of itself as the event’s endless horizon.